Friday, October 8, 2010

Memories of Mom

Growing up I never understood why my mother reached her arm across my body when she needed to stop the car suddenly. This was the cause of much frustration growing up for me. She would see a deer, a stop sign, or a flower at the last possible second and slam on her breaks. At the same time her arm would shoot out to the passenger side, pinning me to the back of the seat. I would complain every time - telling her my seat belt would do more towards keeping me safe than a bony elbow to my sternum.

Then last week, I got it. I finally understood. A deer jumped in front of my car, I slammed on my breaks, and I instantly reached my arm out to save the one I loved. She did it because she loves me! She wasn't trying to annoy me. She just had motherly instincts and a love for her precious cargo.

I loved my precious cargo as well. We spent the night together, basking in each other's company. Me and my bottle of wine.

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